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    Sun Apr 12 2009, 10:40
    Message by CLAIRVOYANTdisease
    SSS is SSSexyyyyyyy ;D


    You're dangerous and beautiful
    My thorn and my rose~
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    Mon Mar 30 2009, 14:16
    Message by KarateKeyaQ
    Ah! Yer ava is hideous! >_O Who made such a monstrosity?

    xDDDDDDD Just kidding.
    Hi SSS! :DD
    *must think of a better nickname, must*

    R.I.P Sanity

    KKQ's premeditated Christmas List. Made of November 19, 2010.
    note: the items on this list can be adjusted, changed, taken out or added to at any time upon the next month. Not all these items will probably be given to me. If all of these items are given to me, wrapped in that sort of decorated Santa Claus paper that makes my heart melt, I will be eternally, INEXPLICABLY, grateful.
    Standard shipping does apply.

    Xbox 360 Playstation 3 :D
    New phone.
    Kodak Camera.
    Clothes - outfits.
    MP3 player. Headphones.
    Stuffed animals. [Panda bear, especially.]
    My sanity.
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    Sun Mar 22 2009, 14:00
    Message by quater
    I like your ava ^_~


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    Wed Mar 18 2009, 16:58
    Message by AkiQ


    The tears that stain my cheek must make me look weak.
    I wear them proudly.
    I wear them proud.
    Just stand up and scream.
    The tainted clock is counting down.
    You gave in to me.
    Would you say the nights are far too long now?



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