Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will Chapter 5


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    Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will Chapter 5

    Post by Zergio on Fri Jul 16 2010, 16:24

    Chapter 5: Hard at work


    "Yo, Jade, what now?" The cloaked man called out, bored out of his skull from just laying around, doing nothing.

    Jade was reading through a book, and took a while before stopping and looking up. "Why don't you go see if any more hunts were posted up, and go on them?"

    "Because I did that this morning."

    Jade gave him a annoyed look. "You don't start a sentence with because, you know"

    The man tried to come up with a sly reply. "When you go to kill someone, you don't pull the blade all the way back. You pull it a fair distance, then just swing. Less risk."

    "What does that have to do with anything!?" Jade said, more annoyed then before.

    "Ah, but alas, it have everything to do with something. You see, when you try to prepare to much, theres always a chance things will get messed up, which will ruin everything, then there is if you only plan a necessary amount of time. Same thing with words. So, why can't I use because to start a sentence?"

    Jade had a giant anger vein throbing on her head. "Because shut up"

    "HA! You just used because to start a sentence!"

    "SHUT UP!" Jade barked, returning to the book.

    The man chuckled, marking down in a little book how many times he made a fool of Jade. "At this rate, she'll have grey hair in no time."


    "Nothing!" He laughed as he put in today's mark.


    Will was on his first day of work, harvesting with Julie, and he was confused as hell!

    Julie was showing him what kind of mushrooms there were in the area to start off. "We have mushrooms of the Agaricus, Amanita, Armillaria, Clitopilus, and the Lactarius variety."

    @__@ "So, which mushrooms do you have?"

    "We have the bisporus brunnescens, campestris, phalloides, mellea, prunulus, and the deliciosus."

    ".......... is there someone I can talk to that speaks English?"

    Julie laughed at him. "Your so funny~ Those are the scientific names for the mushrooms~"

    Will stood there for a sec with a blank look

    "You want me to tell you the common names?"

    Will snapped back to reality. "Oh, yes, please, tell me, im useless if I dunno, im good with blades, not scientific stuff"

    "Ok, the mushrooms we have are........

    1. bisporus brunnescens, which is the kind of mushrooms found in stores.
    2. campestris, the kind of mushrooms we'd find in fields.
    3. phalloids, called death cap. Enough said.
    4. Mellea, which are called honey or oak mushrooms.
    5. prunulus, called the sweetbread mushrooms.
    6. Deliciosus, which goes by the name of delicious milky cap.

    It finally.... somewhat, made sense to Will. "Which ones do I pick?"

    "We distribute the mushrooms we pick among ourselves. But since your new to this, its best I pick the phalloids"


    "The death caps"


    "Yeah, so, how about I pick the death cap, the sweetbread mushrooms, and the honey and oak mushrooms?"

    "Im fine with that, but how do I identify the mushrooms?"

    Julie gave him quite a large book. "Look in the mushroom section. Thats about page.... 127"

    Will just stared at the book with disbelief.

    "Tomorrow, what we're picking is herbs. Thats page 37 to 54. Now, lets deal with the mushrooms~" Julie walks off, basket in hand as she goes to pick the mushrooms.

    Will continued to stare at it till he said "Holy sh-"


    Shade has scanned the entire perimiter of the lake. "Hmmmm, 3 other houses, 1 tunnel, couple forests, and a complete jackass who threatened to shoot me. Yeah, things are going awesome........." He then heard some voices in the distance. He followed it up the hill and saw to people standing down there. He couldn't make out their details, nor make out what they were saying. He couldn't even figure they're genders out. He could only hear they're voices, and slightly hear em. "Might as well check em out." He said to himself as he decided to follow the one that departed first.


    Two bounty hunters were conversing in the fields, discusing about the current hunt they were on.

    "The reward could be shottie!"

    "It could make us rich!"

    "F**k it! Its just a child!"

    "Which is why it will be easy~"

    "Well, I say screw it"

    "Fine then, I'll go myself that just means I don't have to split the bounty~" and with that, the first bounty hunter went off on the bounty while the other one didn't move.

    "Plus, I feel like someones watching us............." Was the last words he spoke before his head fell off.



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    Re: Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will Chapter 5

    Post by Toshii on Fri Jul 16 2010, 17:02

    awesome gio! :D nice chapter~ ^^ i laughed at some parts :o (:

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    Re: Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will Chapter 5

    Post by xXxsweetxmakikoxXx on Sun Jul 18 2010, 17:45

    Nice chapter Gio!

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    Re: Zergio's Story, The Tale Of Will Chapter 5

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