A Thousand Mile Scream




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    A Thousand Mile Scream

    Post by PeinQAkatsuki on Mon Jul 13 2009, 03:37

    Have you lost your faith for society?
    A town of undying hate,
    Hypocritical mass
    Waiting to be thrown to the wolves,
    Howling for lack of sense.

    Are the stars too close to bear?
    Deliverance of the moon
    Fulfilled by the sun,
    Youre walking on thin ice
    This water isnt holding you up.

    A storm in the distance,
    A shot halfway to here,
    A thousand mile scream,
    Shakes the ocean dry.
    Tickles my eardrums,
    Shatters my face.

    The wind wont help you now.
    Content to pass you by,
    Wreckage of life,
    A jewel of a lie,
    Oh so valuable to me.

    Shes gone away,
    Never to return.
    A simple scream,
    Heard by a stranger,
    Whos your only friend.

    Sweetly falling
    Into the same old sea,
    Caught by
    A thousand mile scream,
    Descending from the west.

    Calming a singed nerve,
    Calling a buried emotion,
    Can you hear me now?
    Ive heard you for so long,
    Its your turn to listen.

    Youll forgive me one day,
    Forget me the next.
    Live for the moment,
    Dream for the day,
    Hope for eternity.

    A stranger, a friend,
    Calmed the fire,
    Shattered the ice.
    Your best friend,
    Ill never be around.

    See my picture,
    Hear my voice.
    Remember your hope,
    Fulfill your dream.
    Shut your mouth,
    My ears hurt.

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