Punkfilterean Sonnets


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    Punkfilterean Sonnets

    Post by Q on Mon Dec 08 2008, 20:40

    As an assignment for english, we had to write a Sonnet using Iambic Pentameter and all the accepted conventions. While nearly all sonnets (Shakespearean, Petrarchian, and 95% of contemporaries) address amorous and erotic love, I chose to write about a different love: love of the thug life. I got an A and got to present it to the department head.

    “Thug Life”
    Meter: Iambic Pentameter

    Methinks it doth be good to be a thug;

    Endang’ring lives to put coins in our purse;

    Nights filled with sex, and violence, and drugs,

    Avoiding the back seat of the dark hearse.

    But not all business lives inside a gun;

    We wish we could remove these ugly scars

    Recall, we’re but another mother’s son,

    Just chillin’ with our boys beneath the stars.

    There ain’t a thing we hate more’n snitches, yo,

    We try to shun all Civic duties, man.

    Collecting money, slappin' our bitches, yo.

    We check them girls for Beyonce booties, man.

    I mean, cuz’ being a thug ain’t easy for most,

    But living from a desk don't come e’en close.

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