Prayer poem?


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    Prayer poem?

    Post by amaterasu on Fri Sep 26 2008, 21:41

    Oh Lord creator of the Heavens and the Earth, of all life and of all that is good. Oh God of my fathers, my brothers, and my sisters and mothers. You who have show us your glory threw many people and creatures.

    I'm growing up fast
    becoming an adult
    It's a scary thought
    a exhilarating thought
    It gives me a chance to start anew
    To start myself over, to live the way you made me.

    But why should I start after I graduate
    When I can start now?
    I want to confess, I haven't been me, but rather a shadow of my true self.
    I'm not a superhero nor a super smart or super athletic, i'm sick and tired, and I cry out every night to you. I pray to change, I loss hope in everything but you. I see your works and i see what you are doing for me, but who else can see these things? I'm just crazy, too loud, too different, stereotyped against, and fighting this battle is too much for me

    So I pray, here in the silent, here in the praise, here in my heart, won't you take me away, bring to your plans, hold me in your grip and never let me fall into darkness again. Keep me in your courts and help me help others till the day I die. Help me through my days oh Lord so I have the strength to win this battle and sing hallelujah! Let everyone see your majesty because of what you have done to me oh Lord, humble me and take me with your love.

    Steal my hear with your truth, and replace my sin with Joy. I long to live with you oh Lord, to eat from the same table as you oh Lord. But until that day, let me dine with the blind and the lame, use me to lead them to you oh Lord, I don't want anything but you oh Lord.

    I am just a mere child in this world, a world that is blind with greed and struck by pride. I want my friends, my peers, my strangers to see who I am, let them see the true me, one who has been sleeping this entire time, awaken this giant from ti's slumber and lead it on it's path of life oh Lord, even if you have to drag me by me ears.

    With all of my heart oh Lord, with all my faith oh lord, I pray this, Amen

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